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Expert Contract Packing Services

In the dynamic chemical manufacturing and distribution landscape, contract packing emerges as a pivotal solution for businesses aiming to elevate their brand presence and streamline operations. Whether it’s the intricacies of design, the precision of assembly, or the complexities of distribution, the packaging process can be daunting for many companies. Recognizing these challenges, Online Reagents steps in as a beacon of expertise in contract packing. With over 52 years of experience, we offer an extensive array of contract packaging services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. 

contract packaging for over 52 years

What is Contract Bottling?

Contract bottling is more than just a service; it’s a strategic partnership. It’s about entrusting the intricate tasks of bottling and labelling your esteemed products to a company specialising in this domain. In a world where businesses constantly juggle multiple responsibilities, contract bottling emerges as a beacon of efficiency. It empowers businesses to channel their energy and resources towards their core competencies, all while knowing that their products are being packaged to unparalleled standards of excellence. With contract bottling, you’re getting a packaged product and a promise of quality, precision, and professionalism.

Waste Reduction
Every bottle undergoes rigorous checks, ensuring your products meet the highest standards.
Efficient Processes
By recycling and reusing the plastic from these bottles, we reduce the demand for new plastic production, conserving oil and energy resources.
Custom Solutions
From the type of bottles to the label design, we offer bespoke bottling solutions tailored to your needs.
Setting up a bottling plant requires significant investment. Contract bottling provides outstanding services while eliminating operational stress.
ADR Compliance

Packaging and shipping fully compliant under ADR regulations

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Contract Bottle Filling: Precision Meets Efficiency

At Online Reagents, we understand that each product has unique bottling requirements. Whether you need specific bottle materials, custom labelling, or specialized sealing methods, our team collaborates closely with you to tailor our services to your specifications. Every bottle undergoes rigorous checks, ensuring consistency and adherence to industry standards. Our ISO-certified processes guarantee that your product is bottled to perfection.

Why Online Reagents is Your Premier Choice for Contract Packing

Every product that passes through our facilities is meticulously tracked from start to finish. Our advanced in-house order tracking system ensures complete traceability, allowing us to trace any product back to its raw materials. Adhering to international standards like ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard, and more, we ensure that every aspect of our contract packing service meets and exceeds global benchmarks.

We understand that every product is unique, and so are its packaging needs. Our team collaborates closely with you, ensuring that our services align perfectly with your vision, resulting in a final product that resonates with quality and brand identity.

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Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing
offers small batch runs complete with full Quality Assurance (QA) support and standard batch traceability, all available at extremely competitive minimum order values. This personalized service caters to a wide range of sectors, from dental and pharmaceutical to forensics.
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Large Capacity
Chemical Blending
We are proud to have a highly adaptable toll chemical blending capacity of up to 30,000L, a service trusted by leading chemical distributors and manufacturers across the UK. We offer standard options for thermal management of exothermic reactions and filtration of final products, ensuring quality and safety in all our processes.
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White Labelling
With a substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment, PMA is equipped to handle both small and large-scale manufacturing, relieving you of the production burden while ensuring you retain complete control over product labelling and batch traceability.
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Empty Bottle Granulation
We have a distinctive service where we collect, granulate, and recycle empty plastic bottles. In addition to reducing on-site waste, a portion of the revenue from this service is donated to the Water Aid charity. This initiative not only contributes to environmental sustainability but can also help companies meet their ISO14001 accreditation requirements.
Benefits of Online Reagents

Tailored Chemical Solutions: Quality, Confidentiality, and Award-winning Service

Quality Assurance Program
Quality Assurance Program
Low minimum order values, full traceability and quality assurance programme, confidentiality agreements as standard, bespoke labelling options and more.
Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
At our company, we uphold strict confidentiality in all aspects of our chemical manufacturing process, ensuring non-disclosure agreements are in place to safeguard proprietary information.
Bespoke Manufacturing
Bespoke Manufacturing
We excel in bespoke chemical manufacturing, offering personalized services that include small batch runs with full quality assurance, flexible chemical blending capabilities up to 30,000L, and custom blended solution manufacturing.
Customer Service Award
Customer Service Award
We are proud to have been recognized for our exceptional customer service, having received a prestigious customer service award. This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving our clients with the utmost care and professionalism.
ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 9001 Quality Management
As an ISO 9001 certified company, Online Reagents is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality management, ensuring that our products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.
14001 Environmental Management
14001 Environmental Management
Holding an ISO 14001 certification, Online Reagents is dedicated to implementing effective environmental management systems, minimizing our ecological footprint, and contributing to sustainability in all our operations.
99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
With a 99% customer satisfaction rating, Online Reagents stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and high-quality products that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
Full Traceability
Full Traceability
We offer full traceability on all products, providing our customers with complete transparency and confidence in the reliability and consistency of our chemical solutions.

Why choose us for chemical manufacturing?

When you choose Online Reagents, you’re not just choosing a service provider. You’re choosing a partner committed to delivering high-quality, reliable chemical solutions. Here’s why Online Reagents should be your first choice for chemical manufacturing:

Over 52 years
Decades of Experience
With over half a century in the industry, we’ve honed our skills, refined our processes, and built a reputation for excellence. Our experience is to your advantage.
Complete privacy
Confidentiality Agreements
Your secrets are safe with us. We offer confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as standard, ensuring discretion in our partnership.
Commited to transparency
Full Traceability
We provide full batch traceability, giving you complete confidence in the reliability and consistency of our products. With Online Reagents, you’re always in the know.
Any batch size
Low Minimum Order Values
We believe that quality should be accessible to all, which is why we offer low minimum order values. Whether you need a small batch or a large run, we’re here to serve you.
Valued clients

Customer testimonials

See what our clients say about our bespoke chemical manufacturing and blending services. Discover why businesses across various sectors trust Online Reagents for their chemical needs, from pharmaceutical companies to industrial chemical suppliers.

Online Reagents’ white labelling service is top-notch. They’ve allowed us to maintain our branding while benefiting from their manufacturing capabilities. It’s been a game-changer for our business.

Emily T
Cleaning Products Manufacturer

Working with Online Reagents has been a pleasure. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. We highly recommend their services.

Lisa M
Food and Beverage Company
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