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Contract Manufacturing with White Labelling

To us, chemical manufacturing isn’t just a service – it’s our passion. With over 52 years of experience, we’ve been at the heart of the chemical manufacturing industry, providing bespoke solutions tailored to your needs from an extensive range of parameters. All of our kits are formulated and quality assured in line with our own ISO9001 accreditation. So with PMA, you are in safe hands.

White Label Solution

We’re not just about contract manufacturing. We’re about building partnerships and delivering quality.

Welcome to Online Reagents’ Contract Manufacturing with White Labelling Services. We understand your brand is your identity, and we’re here to help you strengthen it. With our contract manufacturing and white labelling services, we offer more than just bespoke chemical manufacturing – we provide a comprehensive solution that includes printing and applying your labels to the products.

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White Label Solution

Tailored White Label Services from start to finish.

We offer bespoke chemical manufacturing services tailored to your brand’s needs. With our white-label service, you can take advantage of our extensive experience and high-quality production capabilities while maintaining full control over the labelling and batch traceability of your products.

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Our White Label Solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you require small batch runs or large-scale production, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver. We handle the manufacturing process from start to finish, providing you with a final product that is ready for your branding.

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Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing
offers small batch runs complete with full Quality Assurance (QA) support and standard batch traceability, all available at extremely competitive minimum order values. This personalized service caters to a wide range of sectors, from dental and pharmaceutical to forensics.
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Large Capacity
Chemical Blending
We are proud to have a highly adaptable toll chemical blending capacity of up to 30,000L, a service trusted by leading chemical distributors and manufacturers across the UK. We offer standard options for thermal management of exothermic reactions and filtration of final products, ensuring quality and safety in all our processes.
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White Labelling
With a substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment, PMA is equipped to handle both small and large-scale manufacturing, relieving you of the production burden while ensuring you retain complete control over product labelling and batch traceability.
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Empty Bottle Granulation
We have a distinctive service where we collect, granulate, and recycle empty plastic bottles. In addition to reducing on-site waste, a portion of the revenue from this service is donated to the Water Aid charity. This initiative not only contributes to environmental sustainability but can also help companies meet their ISO14001 accreditation requirements.
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