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Welcome to Online Reagents, the premier destination for bespoke chemical manufacturing and online reagents. With over 52 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, we at PMA have expanded our services to the digital world, making it easier for you to access high-quality ISO9001-accredited reagents online.

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At Online Reagents, we not only provide a wide range of reagents, but we also offer comprehensive solutions for your chemical manufacturing needs. From small batch runs with full QA backup and batch traceability to large-scale production, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our online reagents and discover the PMA difference. Experience the convenience of ordering high-quality reagents online, coupled with the assurance of bespoke chemical manufacturing from a trusted industry leader.

Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing
Bespoke Chemical Manufacturing
We provide tailored chemical manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of our clients.
Quality Assurance and Traceability
Quality Assurance and Traceability
All of our products are formulated and quality assured in line with our ISO9001 accreditation.
Sustainable Practices
Sustainable Practices
We are committed to sustainability and offer a unique empty bottle granulation service. We also donate a percentage of revenue from this service to the Water Aid charity.
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Stay updated with the ‘Latest News’ from Online Reagents. Discover our newest products, learn about our services, and get insights into the world of chemical manufacturing. Our recent post answers your top 10 questions about Online Reagents, providing a comprehensive overview of what we offer.

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With a wide range of products for whatever your application, we have the solution for you!

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Benefits of Online Reagents

Tailored Chemical Solutions: Quality, Confidentiality, and Award-winning Service

Quality Assurance Program
Quality Assurance Program
Low minimum order values, full traceability and quality assurance programme, confidentiality agreements as standard, bespoke labelling options and more.
Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
At our company, we uphold strict confidentiality in all aspects of our chemical manufacturing process, ensuring non-disclosure agreements are in place to safeguard proprietary information.
Bespoke Manufacturing
Bespoke Manufacturing
We excel in bespoke chemical manufacturing, offering personalized services that include small batch runs with full quality assurance, flexible chemical blending capabilities up to 30,000L, and custom blended solution manufacturing.
Customer Service Award
Customer Service Award
We are proud to have been recognized for our exceptional customer service, having received a prestigious customer service award. This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to serving our clients with the utmost care and professionalism.

Why choose us for chemical manufacturing?

When you choose Online Reagents, you’re not just choosing a service provider. You’re choosing a partner committed to delivering high-quality, reliable chemical solutions. Here’s why Online Reagents should be your first choice for chemical manufacturing:

Over 52 years
Decades of Experience
With over half a century in the industry, we’ve honed our skills, refined our processes, and built a reputation for excellence. Our experience is to your advantage.
Complete privacy
Confidentiality Agreements
Your secrets are safe with us. We offer confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as standard, ensuring discretion in our partnership.
Commited to transparency
Full Traceability
We provide full batch traceability, giving you complete confidence in the reliability and consistency of our products. With Online Reagents, you’re always in the know.
Any batch size
Low Minimum Order Values
We believe that quality should be accessible to all, which is why we offer low minimum order values. Whether you need a small batch or a large run, we’re here to serve you.
Fast turnaround

Express delivery options are available.

Our aim is make it very simple to source your chemical products from a specialist company, whilst at the same time offering an excellent range of ancilliary consumable and equipment products.